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Is your hot water safe?

The family bathroom accounts for around 80% of all hot water scalds that occur in the home.  Each year aproximately 1200 Australian children visit a hospital emergency department for treatment, resulting in over 300 admissions.

Australian law now requires that all new hot water services installed must have a temperature regulator fitted.  This limits the temperature of the hot water to no more than 50C,which you can tolerate for 5 minutes before any damage occurs.  However,  it only takes one half of a second for our normal hot tap water of 65C  to inflict full thickness burns to your body.

There are no requirements to have temperature regulators fitted to existing homes. Retrospectively fitting a regulator is costly and difficult.  It usually means that extra pipes need  to be connected from the hot water unit to the  bathroom taps.

Now there is a simple but highly effective way to improve hot water safety in your family bathroom.

Safe Tap Tags are a removable signage system designed for use with wall mounted bath & shower taps. They help you to safely moderate the water temperature by showing how to reduce the flow of hot, or increase the flow of cold water at a glance.  Made from waterproof polypropylene, they fit neatly between the tap flange and the wall and remove easily for cleaning.

Help your family on their way to independent bathing & showering.

Safe Tap Tags are created and used by an Australian mum, to keep her own kids safe.