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About Us : Sticky Signz

About Us

I began the business StickySignz early 2008 in my home town of Swan Hill, Victoria, which lies on the beautiful Murray River. As a mother of two, I was always conscious of child safety around my home, and it was because of incidents in the family bathroom, that I created Safe Tap Tags.

When my kids started wanting their independence showering, would just ask me to set the shower taps running at the right temperature and pressure, and then leave.

When the water temperature inevitably needed to be adjusted, too often they turned the taps the wrong way. I would hear a yell, the shower cubicle would burst open and a reddened child would emerge from the steam!

I tried to find some kind of product to buy that would help my kids understand which way the taps operated, and restore their confidence and independence. There was nothing available, so I designed a graphic that I felt would give my kids a better understanding.

We used an early version of the Safe Tap Tag in our family bathroom for many years and never once had a repeat of any near scalding incidents. Visiting friends said that they would use such a product if it were available; it seemed that the Safe Tap Tags could be of help to other families.

So with support & guidance from my business coach, graphic designer, patent attorney and web designer, they are now available online.

My wish is that these tags become common in households, where there are children and the elderly, to try to reduce the incidence of preventable hot water scalding.

Lynne Rice
General Manager
Sticky Signz