Hot water safety for all ages and abilities

StickySignz Safe Tap Stickers show at a glance, which tap is hot and which is cold, and the way each turns to  moderate the water temperature. We aim to keep bathrooms free from hot water scalds for all ages and abilities.



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The StickySignz Story

How it all started

StickySignz started as an idea many years ago when I was a young mother. When my kids first began showering and bathing independently, I wanted to keep them both safe from hot water scalds.  After experiencing a few near misses in the shower with my reddened child bursting from the shower cubicle, I looked for a bathroom product to help.  I needed something that clearly identified the temperature and action of each tap. There was nothing available and so I came up with the two colour graded arrow symbols.

My prototypes successfully helped my children learn to how to adjust the water temperature safely by themselves.

Not just for kids

During the process it became apparent that my Safe Tap Stickers could be helpful to other vulnerable sectors of the community, including aged care and disability support.

Top quality StickySignz

This thought motivated me to take my idea from just a simple concept, and turn it  into a product that will work and last for many years in your home.

Safe Tap Stickers are printed on  a high quality waterproof vinyl sticker stock.

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Order your StickySignz Safe Tap Stickers now! We have separate buttons for two taps, and mixer taps. Order as many as you need for your home, and we’ll get them shipped to within the week!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are StickySignz Safe Tap Stickers?

Safe Tap Stickers clearly identify the hot from the cold in both mixer and individual taps. More importantly they show the direction to turn each tap to moderate the water temperature to a comfortable level for showering and bathing.

How do they work?

The stickers are arrow shaped and have their colours graded. They differentiate the hot from the cold tap, but more importantly, they show the direction that you need to turn them to either increase the flow of cold, or decrease the flow of hot water.

Are they easy to use?

Our stickers are very simple to use. Just peel away from the backing sheet and apply in the correct position on any smooth, clean, dry surface behind your taps.

What surfaces do they stick on?

StickySignz Safe Tap Stickers are suitable for use on laminate, tiles and most other glossy surfaces.

How long will they last?

StickySignz Safe Tap Stickers will stay in place until they are no longer needed, and can be wiped over with any non-abrasive bathroom cleanser.

How do you remove the stickers?

Simply peel the sticker away, starting at one corner. They remove cleanly without any surface damage or residue.

Customer Reviews

What Our Customers Say

Received some hot & cold signs for a problem I have in a rental property. The signs arrived quickly by post. They were exactly what I wanted. Was not sure how they would last in a harsh shower environment with cleaning , soap etc. They are working out really well, same as the day I put them on no colour change or peeling. A1+ product - Thanks.
Peter C. Kanahooka NSW
Very happy with my STICKYSIGNZ, so easy to apply, stick well, look great. Such an easy way to add safety to my bathroom for my both my grandkids and all.
Julie C. Swan Hill Victoria
Love my bathroom stickers. So easy to apply, neat and tidy. They just look like part of the bathroom. Love that they are teaching my 4 year old hot from cold, a reminder to my 8 year old and they are there ready once my 1 year old is ready to learn hot from cold also.
Katy Barfield QLD

Our Promise

We know you’ll love how our Safe Tap Stickers improve hot water safety for showering & bathing!

If, for any reason, you’re not completely satisfied with the product or its performance, just drop us a line within 90 days, and we’ll give you your money back.

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